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  • Dr Jeyprada

    Sir,I would like to share the happy news that the Peh Eng Teck Memorial Medal and Prize of the National University of Singapore and Gold Award of the Royal College of Radiologists is being awarded to me in the recent FRCR exam in Singapore.
    Thanks..... many times... to you and your team!
  • Dr Kulvinder Singh

    Hi sir, Good evening.. Dr Kulvinder Singh here.
    I'm really glad to inform you I've cleared FRCR 2B at Singapore held in May 19. I could never imagine to do it in first attempt, without your able guidance. The exposure I got at Chennai FRCR course was the key, behind my success. All thanks to you and your team.
  • S Sidhu, Malaysia

    I attended the 3 day FRCR chennai course in early February 2017. I must say it was well organised with excellent exam oriented examiners. There were only 12 of us and hence it was very personalized. Dr Anbarasu and Dr Chandramohan who are the course directors were extremely helpful throughout the course. There were 7 examiners, including the course directors, hence we were continuously put to the test!. It covered all the 3 components of the FRCR2B exam. It was thorough with feedbacks and advice given continuously. I would like to sincerely thank the course directors for the knowledge I gained.
  • Dr Gautam Karbhase, Mumbai

    The Viva component of the FRCR examination is getting tougher by the day. The examiners are now avoiding Aunt Minnie cases and also standard cases shown in many courses. Dr. Anbarasu, being the enthusiastic and involved teacher he is, impressed upon me the vital quality of disciplined assessment of films - which was invaluable to me in approaching difficult films in a confident manner. I also secured 30/30 in rapids : so all the tips and tricks given by sir really helped. Thank you sir and I hope many more FRCR aspirants can gain from your wisdom.
  • Geetha Nair, Chennai

    I passed the FRCR 2B exam this attempt in UK with a total score of 27.
    I whole heartedly thank Chennai FRCR 2B intensive teaching courseand it's faculty for their support that helped me clear this exam.
    I've attended 3 other FRCR 2B courses, but I felt this was the best. They taught me the correct ways to prepare for the exam.
    All faculties were very helpful and ready to clear any doubts.Equal importance was given to all sessions of the exam. The course was a simulation of real exam.
    I highly recommend this course to all FRCR aspirants. Thanking you so much for organizing such a wonderful course
  • Dr Deepa Jadhav (Hubli, Karnataka)

    When I first applied for FRCR 2b, I got an email stating tentative date would be 2 years later so as I was relaxed and least bothered about the exams,
    I got a surprise lottery email and happen to get a slot about 45 days before the exam.

    I was so clueless and confused, didn’t have a single idea about the exam. At that juncture Dr Anbarasu’s priced case collection came to my rescue.
    Going through his cases with various scenarios and his invaluable tips were of great help. It gave me confidence to take up exam confidently.

    Simple things like how to describe a case aptly, how to pick up corner clues, especially his barium series helped me a lot as I was not much exposed to it. What I also learnt from his how to begin a case which we don’t routinely report in our center.

    I am ever so thankful for his guidance, encouragement and also for providing prompt replies to all my queries and doubts. Thank you very much.
  • Dr SA

    I attended the 23rd Chennai FRCR 2b course held at hotel accord metropolitan during the 1st week of February this year. I passed the FRCR 2b exam held in Singapore in April- May.

    I express my gratitude to the entire team of this course for organizing a marvelous course. I didn't attend any of the UK courses. Your course helped me a lot to work on my weak areas. The mock exams and the feedbacks were very valuable in my preparations. Thank you once again.
  • Dr S from Chennai

    This course has helped me to prime exactly about this exam and helped me a lot; thanks a million; I attended in Feb 2017.
  • Dr DJ from Mumbai

    Attended intensive course sessions before my FRCR in 2015- your films and teaching sessions helped me immensely to approach the exam back and strengthened the subject.
  • Dr TK (April 2015) & Dr DS (Oct 2014)

    Thanks for this fantastic course; this is the only course, we attended due to time constraints and I am able to pass the exam in the first attempt, along with my friend as well. Please keep doing it for the future generations.
  • Dr HS (Oct 2012)

    I very pleased to inform you that I cleared final FRCR exam recently. I had attended Chennai radiology course in Feb 2012, and that is the only course I had attended for this exam. It was really helpful. Thanks a lot.,
  • Dr AM (passed first attempt April 2012)

    "Thanks for your efficient coaching and able guidance which enabled me to pass final frcr 2b examination in the first attempt itself . your coaching was constructive and useful which helped me to have a clear idea for passing the exam . Heartfully I am applauding your method of coaching and my sincere wishes for the growth of your noble coaching Institution"
  • Dr AP (passed October 2011)

    "I had attended your radiology course at Chennai. I am happy to inform u that I've cleared FRCR 2B in first attempt this autumn session; ur course really was very helpful and was of great guidance"
  • Dr VP (passed October 2011)

    "Sir, I am happy to inform you that I have successfully cleared my FRCR exam in the first attempt. Thank you so much sir… for all the help and guidance. I really value your course… It served as an eye opener to my haphazard way of exam preparation. Above all, you served as a great inspiration in driving me do this... thank u so much"
  • Dr DT (passed during April 2011)

    “ I am very relieved to have passed all parts in the first attempt and your course was the launching pad for the Final part exam. The exam was tough mainly because of the pressure. One thing which i had learned from your course was to never give up in viva as one good case can pull you up. Thank you so much for all the help”.
  • Dr P (Mumbai)

    I attended the FRCR2B course at Chennai in Feb 2009 and have passed the April 2009 FRCR 2B exam. I wish to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for conducting such a fantastic course.I was really lost at the beginning of the year and didn’t know how to go about studying for the exam....however the course helped me in all aspects of the exams especially the vivas. I got two of the cases done in the course for my exam, one for the vivas and the other as a long case...I hit them for a six! Also I am going to write a blog and post on SRT for next session candidates...in which I shall recommend the Chennai course to all.
  • I have already written a post on the SRT in Feb about how I had benefited for the course. Thanks again...I shall always be grateful !”
  • I am Dr …… B I had attended your Chennai course. your course helped me a lot and I gained tremendously from attending it.....
  • Dr A M N

    I had training in your course for FRCR; And I could successfully complete in the first attempt through your guidance ; your course was extremely useful. One of the long case (carcinoid with liver mets) repeated as well in the exam. I hereby thank you for dedicated involvement and guidance. thanks again.

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