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Radiology physics and imaging anatomy course – radiant – happens every year, usually, during february.

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  • FRCRpart 1 teaching material is now available - please see the attachments below
  • Part one FRCR exam consists of 2 components - Physics MCQ test, Radiological Anatomy MCQ tests - exams during March, June and September of each year. All information regarding the examination is available at www.rcr.ac.uk
  • Physics MCQ test:
  • This is regarded as perhaps the toughest hurdle to pass - but appropriate preparation will help to pass this exam: important aspects of preparation include - understanding the true/false MCQ test pattern; understanding physics concepts; using appropriate books such as Farr's and others; going through previous MCQs, getting help from previous candidates (including visiting www.thesrt.org website - a very useful one for the trainees).
  • Your own knowledge of physics concepts is variable - a physics teacher would certainly of help to boost the understanding.
  • Which books to read for physics?
  • FARR and ALLISY-ROBERTS - physics for medical imaging is by far the most recommended and most read one by almost every candidates; several other books / MCQs are available but it is entirely upto the individuals to select and read; having discussion with your seniors (few of them atleast) who has done the exam would be most helpful on this aspect.
  • Christenson's physics of diagnostic radiology, Review of Radiologic Physics [Paperback] - Walter Huda - Amazon; are other books that are useful understanding the physics concepts.
  • Get through First FRCR: MCQs for the Physics Module. Mair Grant, Baird Andrew, Bisset Andrew. Consulting Editor Williams Jerry, 1st Edition. The Royal Society of Medicine Press. October 2010. 156pp. £24.95. ISBN 978-1-85315-951-0.
  • Physics MCQs for the Part 1 FRCR [Paperback] Shahzad Ilyas (Author), Tomasz Matys (Author), Nasim Sheikh-Bahaei (Author), Adam K. Yamamoto (Author), Martin John Graves (Author) - Amazon.com
  • Get through series(Damien Tolan), MCQ for part one - Monika Khanna are other books to think about.
  • Anatomy MCQ test:
  • This is perhaps the easier of the two! more easier, if you have done one or two years of Radiology training. Understanding imaging anatomy, is key to the next step in interpretation, as we all know. In this section every modality from plain radiograph to PETCT can be tested. From 2013, the test pattern is going to change - instead of 20 images previously, now the test will have 100 images - one question per image - total 100 questions and you just have to write the answer in the sheet!

FRCR 2A learning materials: (suggested list, but not a complete list - always discuss with your friend or colleague who has taken the exam recently)

Grainger & Allison’s Diagnostic Radiology 5th Edition Single Best Answer MCQs le

By Andrew S McQueen MRCP FRCR, Lee A Grant BA (Hons) FRCR, Jennifer F. Findlay MRCS and Sheetal Sharma MRCP. (30th July 2009)

Final FRCR Part A Modules 4-6 Single Best Answer MCQS, The SRT Collection of 600 Questions with Explanatory Answers…..

By Robin Proctor,(1st July 2009)

Final FRCR Part A modules 1-3 Single Best Answer MCQS, The SRT Collections of 600 Questions with Explanatory Answers…

By Robin Proctor,(1st July 2009)

SBAs for the Final FRCR 2A (Oxford Specialty Training: Revision Texts)

By Richard Lindsay, Scott Gillespie, Rory Kelly and Raghuram Sathyanarayana(26th July 2012)

SBA for the FRCR 2A (Cambridge Medicine)

By Stuart Currie, Emma Rowbotham, Shishir Karthik and Christopher Wilkinson 28th January 2010)

FRCR: PART 2A – Single Best Answer (SBA) Questions for the New Format

By Tristan Barrett, Nadeem Shaida, Own Thomas and Ashley Shaw (15th February 2010)

Succeeding in the new FRCR part 2a Exam: Single Best Answer (SBA) revision questions for Modules 1 – 6 (BPP Learning)….

By Asim Ahmed Afag and Edward Leen(11th November 2011)

FRCR 2B learning materials


Final FRCR 28 Viva

A Survival Guide (Cambridge Medicine) By Dr Kiat Tsong Tan, John Curtis and Jessie Aw (3rd November 2011)

Get through FRCR Part 2B

Rapid Reporting of plain radiographs (get through series)
By Nisha Sharma and Anu Balan (21st April 2008)

Final FRCR Part B Viva: 100 Cases

By Richard White, Robin Proctor and Ian Zealley (29th July 2012).

Rapid review of radiology (Medical rapid review series)

By Shahid Hussain, Sherif A.A. Latif and Adrin D. Hall (1st May 2010).

Long Cases for the Final FRCR 2B (Oxford Specialty Training: Revision Texts)

By Rebecca Hanlon, John Curtis, Hulya Wieshmann and David White(21st 2011)

A Complete Guide to the Final FRCR 2B (MasterPass) (MasterPass Series)

By Deepak Subedi, Marialena Gregoriades and En Hsun Choi (11th February 2011)

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